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Thursday, 3 September 2020

Real World Challenges That Fresh Graduates Face

Real World Challenges
When students pass out from their universities they have some high expectations and dreams. They come out in the market with the achievement of one dream (achievement of a degree) and start striving for the next dream (desired job). But in reality real life is much more different than the one taught and viewed in universities. As a fresh graduate when a student enters into the market they have to face many challenges for which they are sometimes prepared and sometimes not. Experts of a dissertation writing service have discussed these challenges one by one.

Struggle for the Job:
Getting a dream job right after graduation is the most challenging task. Many students get successful to become part of the prestigious organizations as MTOs, some students get the job but that is not up to their desires and expectations in terms of post and pay, and rest others keep searching and applying for it. It is also the fact that more number of students are graduating every year as compared to the number of retirements and vacancies available, and one reason behind it is the greater number of institutes awarding degrees to the students. Another reality is the mindset of graduates.

Many graduates don’t want to start with a small paying job; they just want to have direct access to their desired job. They need to accept that they can also get the desired post through a basic start from a small job and reach a high level if they remain dedicated and committed. The first job that a fresh graduate gets has a very substantial impact on his career. But there are many factors that make it difficult for a graduate to get the job, which include; no experience, lack of expertise and skills, increasing competition, uncertainty and very little networking.

Lack of Experience:
Most students don’t have the relevant experience. Although many students do a part time job along with their studies to meet the expenses but generally these part time jobs are not relevant to their academic degrees they have achieved or jobs they are applying for. That is why when they are asked about the experience from a recruiter they don’t have any relatable experience to mention.

Burdens of Loans:
Mostly students take student loans for meeting their universities fees. And after graduation when it’s time for paying back these loans they have to struggle hard. They have to face the pressure of both getting the job and paying back the loan.

Lack of Strong Networking:
During studies students don’t understand the importance of networking. However, when they step into the practical life they come to know that a strong networking is very important for getting a good job. Networking gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the events and fairs to enter into the industry.

Weaknesses of Education System:
One of the major weaknesses of our education system is that it does not prepare the students for real and practical life. There is more bookish knowledge instead of practical studies or learning. Students know what the HR strategies are but they don’t know how to apply them in their job. And most importantly there are very few educational institutions that have industrial linkages that give benefits of direct hiring to their graduates.

Lack of Skills:
Many students don’t have basic skills like strong communication skills, interview skills, and some other basic technical and personality skills. They don’t know how to portray themselves and many of them don’t understand the professional resume writing. The recruiter and employer just want to know that in what the candidate is beneficial for the company, what value he is going to add to the company. The fresh graduate has to prove that his knowledge and skills will be a valuable asset for the company.

Higher Studies:
Students who want to start higher studies after their graduation have to face not only the financial position but also the competition of admission. The search for the right university for a Master's degree and a good scholarship that can help you out in getting the degree without any pressure or problem of finances is a challenging matter. Most students have to search for the job as well so that they can afford their expenses or cost of living. And if they decide to get admission abroad then they have to worry about their accommodations as well.

Family and Friends Pressure:
The students also have family and friends and they have to maintain their repo in front of them. Although the family is always there to support you but after the completion of degree there are certain responsibilities that lie on the shoulders of the students. Sometimes the students have the pressure of having a job when their friends are successfully getting the job.

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