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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Importance of Water Conservation

In order to reduce unnecessary water usage, the practice of using water efficiently is known as water conservation. Water conservation is very important for us because our underground fresh water resources are limited and these resources are also very costly for us. 

With the help of water conservation, we can easily save ourselves from drought due to water shortage in the future.

There are various ways to save water at home like you can put a brick in your toilet’s water tank, you should use the Importance of Water Conservation right amount of water for each load of laundry, you should show intelligence while picking washing machine and you should check and repair leaks on the regular basis. Some essential benefits of water conservation are explained below;

1) It minimizes the effects of drought and water shortages

The supply of the fresh water is constant but our needs of the fresh water are increasing day by day due to the increase in population and growth in the industrial sector. No doubt, it is a fact that water returns to our Earth by completing a water cycle but this water doesn’t return to the same spot. Moreover, we can also observe some changing in the quality and quantity of the water that is returning to our earth. Therefore, with the help of water conservation, we can easily save ourselves from drought due to water shortage in the future.

2) It guards against rising costs

If we are failed to conserve the water, we can face some drastic consequences. Its reason is that we will never be able to establish an adequate water supply to all the people and at all places like nature. As a result, we will have to face some conflicts in the form of rising costs and health hazards. There is also a possibility of some political conflicts due to the failure of water conservation techniques. On the other hand, if we get success to conserve the freshwater resources, we can save ourselves from all of these drastic consequences that can occur due to lack of fresh water.

3) It helps to preserve our environment

If we don’t follow water conservation techniques, after the shortage of freshwater resources, we require energy to process and deliver water to our homes, factories, farms, and other places. We have to burn fuel to perform these kinds of activities. As a result, we can see a sudden increase in environmental pollution. On the other hand, if we are able to save our freshwater resources by adopting water conservation techniques, there is no need to perform these kinds of activities and our environment will not be polluted.

4) It makes water available for recreational purposes

In order to beautify our surroundings like to fill the swimming pools and golf courses, to water the green plants, flowers and green gardens, to fill the public fountains and to wash cars, we are using fresh water. If we don’t follow water conservation techniques, fresh water resources will not enough for our drinking purpose. Under such a situation, how is it possible for us to use water for these recreational purposes? Therefore, if we want to use water for these recreational purposes, it is also necessary for us to follow water conservation techniques.

5) It builds a safe and beautiful community

Water is not only used in our homes but it is also used at some other places that are ensuring safety in our community. In these places, there come hospitals, restaurants, firefighters, street cleaners and health clubs, etc. If we want these services should continue to work in order to ensure safety in our community, it is necessary for us to reduce our usage of water.

6) It is helpful to protect our natural ecosystems

Nowadays, we can see that lots of species are near to end. Its main reason is that we are failed to provide such an environment to them which is necessary for their survival. Due to the lack of fresh water in lakes, oceans, and streams, we are destroying the local eco-system of some aquatic animals. Therefore, if we are interested to save these species, it is also our responsibility that we should reduce our fresh water usage.


All the practices that are performed to reduce the unnecessary use of fresh water are known as water conservation. Water conservation is helpful for us in the various ways like it can save us from the drought in the future, it can save our energy resources, it can also reduce pollution in the environment, it is helpful to build a safe and healthy community and it is also helpful to protect our natural ecosystems.

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