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Monday, 25 February 2019

Can The Use Of Social Media, Such As Facebook, Lower Teens’ Self-Esteem?

Use Of Social Media
Nowadays, technology is an unbelievable fastener in human beings ‘life. Technology has many negative and positive aspects of our life. The use of social media can lower the self-esteem of the people. Teens are so busy on social media that they have no idea about their self-esteem. A teenager spends the most time on phones, computers, and all other forms of technology. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of dissertation proposal writing services will discuss the use of social media.

In reality, we will feel that teens are too much worried in their lives, because, they want to know who they are and where they belong. It can be related to mental health, because, self-esteem is very important in order to stay healthy. It is widely accepted that social media has a very negative influence on self-esteem. It is most important that teens should give all basic information about the negative and positive effects of social media. Teenagers should be aware of how to manage social media. Basically, Facebook is very popular and famous social media tool. It is very useful for all the people who want to stay connected with friends and family.

Facebook permits users to share their pictures with their friends. Teens post their pictures to receive the attention of the other people. However, it is very harmful if a person does not receive appraisal from their follower. It can humiliate their body images and self-esteem. If a person feels disturbed from ignoring people on Facebook, then he will be affected by eating disorder and abnormal eating. According to modern research, body dissatisfaction can lead to an eating disorder. Basically, a person can be affected by depression.

Depression is not a good thing for human beings. Most people post their pictures and videos in order to increase their followers; however, if they are unable to fulfil their desire, then they will feel alone. These feelings are not good for the teens, because, they can lose their courage and passion in the study. Belongingness is another disadvantage of social media a person can be affected by his or her followers on social media. For example, negative comments can change the mood of any person. If a student finds a negative comment on the facebook, then he will feel low self-esteem. Another disadvantage of social media is that a person can feel a disconnect from society, because, he spends most of his or her time using social media.

Social media can the cause of depression that is a very common health problem among adults and teens. It can change the reaction of the people. Youtube is another most famous social media tool that plays an important role in the life of teens. Most teenagers are at a risk, because, their self-esteem is the target of social media. Social media has made our life easier. A person can connect with another person across the world without any difficulty, but, social media playing an important role in the life of teens.

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