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Saturday, 31 March 2018

10 Tips for Writing a Scientific Paper

Well, you re certainly someone who wants to know how to write a scientific paper. If we are not wrong, you are a university student who is in the midst of h so or her scientific research endeavor and the professor has asked you to come up with a scientific paper. Sounds tough for you and easy for the professor to say. However,it is not that tough. The professor must have something in mind that he has assigned you the scientific paper. He can aim a lot as he does that. Well first thing is first. The professor, who may be your future supervisor, may want to see how well you are in your scientific writing. He may aim to see how well you can conduct the research on a certain topic. He may wish to see how well you can organize the data that you have collected. Well, all this is important, but more important is for you to know that you have to write a scientific paper that can be correct with all the given requirements. Writing a scientific paper is not some rocker science. Here are some tips that can help you in writing a scientific paper properly. 

1. Read between the lines

Before sitting down to the write the paper, think and try to understand the given topic. A good scientific paper cannot be written until and unless the topic is not understood. Try to find that hidden question in the topic that can cover the whole paper. The data and facts that are to be found will be based on the hidden research question.

2. Search for the facts

Now it is time to sit down and search for the clues, which in the case of the scientific paper are the facts and the data. The literature is to be collected now. You can search for the articles, publications, published thesis, papers, essays and reports related to the topic. Be sure to stay focused and brief.

3. Organize

Once the data, the literature and the facts have been collected, it is important that it beorganized in a proper manner. What, when, where, how and why all need to be organized.

4. Be sure to rephrase

Do not even think of copying that data or the fact. If you copy the data from the website, it can be called as plagiarism. The plagiarism can lead to the cancellation of the paper. It is to be made sure that the information that is taken from any source is cited and referred in the paper in a proper manner.

5. Add references

To all the information that is added to the paper, it should be cited. All the citations should be linked to the over all reference that is added in the end of the paper. If the scientific paper is to be a part of a journal, it is important that the referencing style of the journal be to be followed.

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